Saturday, December 12, 2015

Quiet Cabbin In The Woods

 I have always been somewhat of a hermit growing up, so naturally one of my favorite places to come and escape from the busy buzzing of the world is my little cabin in the woods. Especially when winter is settling in the region, spreading its frosty white veil into the quiet silence of the woods. The only sounds you can hear is the beat of your own heart and the breath as it leaves your lungs. Sometimes I will walk outside to sit around the warm glow of the fire and look up into the sky waiting to see a snowflake dance down to land on the cold earth while sipping a cup of a perfected chocolaty hot cocoa. Who knows maybe one of these days while I am looking up I will see Santa fly across the sky in a hurry to deliver packages to all the good little boys and girls. But for now, I am quite happy in the quiet serenity of my cabin in the woods.

Decor Credits:

Build Used: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Winter Cottage (Snowtop) ~ Available @ Wayward Market December Round

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gardenwall Long (snowtop)~ Available @ Wayward Market 
22769 ~  [bauwerk] Outdoor Birdhouse ~ Available @ The LTD December Round
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Winter Mailbox ~ Available @ The LTD December Round
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Rustic Lantern ~ Available @ The LTD December Round
[Brixley] winter mat - let it snow~ Available @ Wayward Market 
[CIRCA] - "Algonquin Outdoors" Adirondack Chair 1 & 2 ( Frost) @ SWANK EVENTS
[CIRCA] - "Algonquin Outdoors" Winter Firepit Grey @ SWANK EVENTS
[CIRCA] - "Algonquin Outdoors" Camp Roasting Stump @ SWANK EVENTS
[CIRCA] - "Holiday Heritage" Festive Deer2 - Aqua/Silver ( Advent Gift)
[CIRCA] - "Winter Glow" - Snow Star Decal 1 -4 ( Advent Gift)
HPMD Dirt Road - snowy
Little Branch ~ Bradford.Cluster{4Seasons} ~ Available @ The LTD December Round
LB_Grass1l{Winter} ~ Available @ The LTD December Round
LB_Conifer.v2{Seasons}  ~ Available @ Fameshed
[PM]Pixel Mode - Landscape Lights ~ Available @ The LTD December Round
[PM}Pixel Mode - Snow Forms and Rocks  ~ Available @ Fameshed

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