Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Young and Beautiful

I have over all been so impressed with the releases I have seen at the Wayward Winter Event. So many beautiful new releases that will easily compliment your yard and home at any time of the year. It just happens to be spring time in my world. In this scene I've used the stunning new home from Hive. Its a gorgeous open floor plan cabin at 73LI. The textures used in this home will take your breath away. One of my other favorite things from the event is the miniature shed cabin from Kalopsia at only 4LI. This tiny cabin can be used for so many things, I have chosen to use it as my new gardening shed. I also picked up the new fence release from {rw} which actually comes with bows, but since its spring time for me I modded the bows off to fit the theme of my new home. If you haven't had the time to visit this new event which opened yesterday at 1 pm then I fully encourage you to do so. There is something for everyone there, even if you have made the plunge into a young and beautiful spring such as myself. 

[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible - Red
hive // cabin in the woods ~ Available @ Wayward Winter 
Heart Summer Hanging Basket
Heart- Hollyhocks
Heart- Aubretia
Heart- Window Box 
Kalopsia - The Lost Cabin ~ Available @ Wayward Winter 
JIAN :: White Tail Deer ~ Available @ Seasons Story
oyasumi / wheel barrel
oyasumi / pot / stacked
oyasumi / pot / plant
PILOT - Bird Apartments
.:revival:. fire wood stack
{RW} Wintervale Full Fence Piece ~ Available @ Wayward Winter 
Sari-Sari - Wood Slab Path (Spring)
Scarlet Creative Winter Well
Sway's [Peony] Flower box
Sway's [Peony] Garden hose
Sway's [Peony] Garden soil . lean on
uK- Shabby Cabinet Garden ~ Available @ Seasons Story

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