Friday, September 4, 2015

Cool for the Summer

Oh the ending of Summer is so biter sweet, feeling the warmth drift away and be replaced by the cool breeze of Autumn. That is why even as the tree's began to change I invited my friends over for one last Summer Party. The water was still so warm even with the slight nip in the air. I gathered up my closest friends and family into the sail boat and took them to my floating island. 

What a fun day we had of laughter, watching the kids play with all the floaties and sipping on cool beers - for the adults only of course! The kids had a non stop supply of sodas and juices. A perfect way to say so long Summer see you next year. 


Aphrodite "Fun Floating island" - This amazing flotation device comes with enough seats for 12 people with so many different fun animations to use. 
Aphrodite "Summer Pool Party" Drink Cooler's ~ Beer, Sodas and Juices
Aphrodite " Flamingo Drink"
Aphrodite "Swimming Drink"
Aphrodite"Geco" RARE
Aphrodite"Owlbird" Kids Floater
Aphrodite"Icecream" Kids Floater
Aphrodite"Surfboard" Kids Floater
Bandit 55 ~ Sail Boat
Landscapes Unlimited: 3D Environments  ~ YOSEMITE Sim Surround Environment

Well at least we were able to stay cool for the summer 

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