Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Harvest Time

DaD Designs released this new phenomenal pool for Cosmopolitan running from Oct. 25th to Nov. 8th. The pool is current 20% of during the event so hurry down and pick up your copy. The pool is 100% original mesh and comes in Adult and PG versions with a great deal of features built in such as 9 single sit animations, 24 cuddle/kiss couple animations, and 35 sex animations for the adult version. The pool can also sit up to 6 friends so its perfect for a party. There is even a light system built in with several unique options. 

Have you been by Aphrodite lately and taken a browse through some of their new releases? They have come out with the first 8 person BBQ table in SL. With 9 Different foods to enjoy, 10 props  from Glasses of wine to bbq tongs, and a menu to choose 9 different animations makes this table worth every penny spent. Check out the video on the table here via youtube,com. They also released these new fruit trees that move in the wind and drop leaves. Perfect for your fall themed plot of land that makes you think of nothing but Harvest Time in the fall when you can finally pick that sweet fruit off the vine.

DaD designs also has released this breathtaking cedar gazebo for The Fantasy Collective . Its a 100% original mesh at 16LI. So many uses for this extraordinary gazebo. Will look great in anything you choose to use it for.

Full credits: 

Aphrodite Table Grill
Aphrodite Orange fruit tree with lights, falling leaves, & menu
Aphrodite Peaches tree with lights, wind & falling leaves
Aphrodite Apples tree with lights, wind & falling leaves
Aphrodite lemon tree with lights, wind & falling leaves
Apple Fall Retro Radio
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket
:CP: Boho Dreamtime Canopy
:CP: Jake's Garden Table
:CP: Tray Candle w/colour menu
CHEZ MOI ~ Floating Flower
DaD DESIGN "Cedar Gazebo"~ Available @ The Fantasy Collective 
DaD DESIGN "Country swimming pool" ~ Available @ Cosmopolitan
Kalopsia- Flying leaves (orange)
The Loft - Iman Privacy Screen
The Loft - Norma Lounger Bed Wood
MishMish - Pineapple Juice Dispenser (mint)
MudHoney Gale Rug - Chevron
PILOT - Bucket Planter
.:revival:. bamboo lantern I light
.:revival:. bamboo lantern II light
Tres Blah Hodgepodge - Wine Duet
Trompe Loeil - Valiano String Lights
Trompe Loeil - Raleigh Wedding Barn

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