Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chasing Fairys

This weekend my family and I decided to find a new humble abode to call house, so the house search began! I absolutely adore moving into a new home, especially when its mega adorable. During our search we came across the (LoD) Level of Detail - Hayao home. I LOVE this home, it has 3 bedrooms, one bath and an open floor plan on the bottom floor. Enough room for everyone! I also picked up a new dress and some accessories from (LoD). Was a wonderful day! 

Decor Credits:

Build: (LoD) Level of Detail - Hayao

Apple Fall ~ Flagstones
CJ Anna ~ Gardenplanter light Wood full of Hydrangea
                                 CLEO DESIGN ~ corner hutch w/ Plants ( sold separately) 
                                                       :Cheeky Pea: Marta Spring Pergola
=EliBaily= ~ Ivy
Heart ~ Summer Hanging Basket - Yellow-White
Kalopsia - Bowl Plant Hanger
Kalopsia - Bamboo Hanger 
La Galleria Spring Butterfly Windchime
Little Branch ~ Bradford Pear
Little Branch ~ Sunflowers Field
Persnickity ~ Unicycle Planter
Sway's ~ [Door Mat] mustache RARE
Tentacio ~ Lamp
The Black Forest ~ Mesh Bamboo Wind Chimes
[The Forge] Moon Catcher, Silver
[we're CLOSED] grass field lush


(LoD) Level of Detail - Fairy Catcher

(LoD) Level of Detail - Bailey - Pink Dress
(LoD) Level of Detail - Harriot Glasses - White
(LoD) Level of Detail - Heart Jeweled Bracelet Pink and Silver
(LoD) Level of Detail - Soaring Away - Pink
Moon. Hair // - Variety - Storm

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