Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dream Wedding

I am in the midst of planning my own vow renewal ceremony with my husband, and we have been frantically searching for the perfect wedding venue that offers a little bit of everything as a low cost. I almost cried with relief when Aphrodite released this wedding venue. It has everything you could ever want for your dream reception with an abundance of food, deserts, drinks and it even comes with a wedding cake! This Set is stunning! It comes with a total of 65 parts that makes the 383 prims in total, put into a rezzer for you for easier setup. Everything in the set is copy so you can make as many copies of things you so wish.


Wedding big tent/ canopy, lights strings, and mirror ball w/ Lights projector for the dance floor.
Complete buffet with seafood tables and champagne
Desserts tables complete buffet
Drinks table: each drink dispenses unlimited wearable drinks: 7 wines, 2 beers, lemonade for your choice, on click.
Sofas, Coffee table and Champagne 
Wedding cake that will let you choose between three different flavors
Candelabras, Tables, Animated Chairs, Place Settings, Flowers, Center Pieces.
Wedding decorations like white rose petals runners & more

- Sold Separately: Aphrodite wedding party- DJ Booth

You can also go check out this amazing set in world and see it for your own eyes here

Extra Decor I Included in the scene:

Apple Fall Pearl Chandelier
Botanical - Decorative Light Set
Botanical - Coastal Palm
Botanical - Marram Grass
[ keke ] twinkle pendel
[ keke ] star string
Mesh Plants - Fern
Skye Beach
Skye Beach Dune

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