Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grease Monkey

Outside Credits:

Build used: uK-SRS Shanty Repair Shop RARE

[Con.] The Garage Collection - Air Inflator - Yellow
[Con.] The Garage Collection - Gas Pump - Mint
[Con.] The Garage Collection - Wood Poster 3
.::Mangaka::. Pike up Cars Destroy
.::Mangaka::. Policy Cars destroy
PILOT - Basketball Goal Decor [Blue/White]
[sau]Ranger[Lite][TMD][Matt black]
uK-SRS Fix Your Shit
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 2
uK-SRS Ice Freezer

Landscaping used:


Decor Credits:

22769 ~ [bauwerk] DVD Box Set 2 - Was available @ Wayward Halloween * Event closed*
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bags of Chips - Was available @ Wayward Halloween * Event closed*
22769 ~ [bauwerk] DVDs - Was available @ Wayward Halloween * Event closed*
{af} Omega Beer
Apt B // Raw Materials Gacha - Moose Mount
Bazar - Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)
Bazar -Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male)
C L A Vv. Guitar Case Blue Bag
[Commoner] Binge Watcher's Survival Kit / Couch Potato Chips
[Commoner] Binge Watcher's Survival Kit / Bowl of Popcorn
[Commoner] Binge Watcher's Survival Kit / TV Dinner
[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / White Chocolate Bar
[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Boxed Wine (Chardonnay) & Merlot
[Con.] Comfy Chair - A - Black
[Con.] Open Road Collection - Cooler - Red
=EliBaily= Dover Clothes Gacha_Tee Shirt  RARE
(epia) - Beer Keg
erratic / home - bar full set
Fancy Decor: Earth Rug
Fancy Decor: House of Postcards
:::Le Primitif::: Potted_Plants
NOMAD // Ramen Clutter
NOMAD // 03 // Fire Lizard
>^OeC^< Keg w/ tap
oyasumi / file box / forms
oyasumi / onigiri
oyasumi / cloth banner / oyasumi-ya
oyasumi / water cooler bottles
oyasumi / izakaya wall menu
[sau]toolbox[TMD limited]
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - unopened mail]
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - living room catch-all
Second Spaces -  block stack set
~silentsparrow~ Catkin - Clawmonster
* SORGO - Diamon Open Bag
SORGO - Canvas Stack 1
SORGO - Euros Shoe Box
SORGO - Open Safe
[Tampon Inside] My Workbench and all I need *No longer available*
Tentacio - i'm busy - cat 
uK-SRS Always Open RARE
uK-SRS Box of Junk
uK-SRS Cinderblock Table
uK- Chipped Boss Seat
uK- Grease Monkey Seat
[USB] - Old School End Table
[USB] - Old School Lamp
[USB] - Book Stack
[ zerkalo ] Secret Hideout - Old Couch - PG

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