Monday, November 2, 2015

Lost But Not Forgotten

Sometimes some of the most beautiful things in this world can be lost, but only to be found once again. I can just picture driving down an old barley traveled highway.. the wind in my hair.. a pair of cheap sunglasses shielding my eyes from the glaring sun on the desert road. Listening to the timeless voice of Johnny Cash blaring on my faded speakers. 

When I see this abandoned drive in set approach fast. Pulling over my car and getting out to walk through this mysterious and beautiful place. Makes your mind wander and think about the better days and how glorious it must have been here for families to take their children. Popcorn and candy filling their hands, a child's scream of delight. 

That is everything that popped into my head the first time I saw this hauntingly beautiful set from Unkindness. Where does your mind take you? Can you find something once again that was lost.. but never forgotten from your mind? 


uK - Old Americana Concession Stand
uK- Old Americana Movie Screen RARE
uK- Old Americana CarPort RARE
uK- Old Americana CarPort RARE
uK- Old Americana Fence Segment 3
uK- Old Americana Fence Segment 2
uK- Old Americana Speakers 1
uK- Old Americana Speakers  2
uK- Old Americana Seat Black
uK- Old Americana Seat Blue
uK- Old Americana Seat Red
uK- Old Americana Tire Rim
uK-SRS Ice Freezer
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 2
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Truck BLACK
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Truck RUST
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Light Rig
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Poster

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