Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching I have gone into Holiday Cheer overdrive and not only redecorated my entire sim but also splashed Christmas all over my home! I even got all my shopping done early this year.. I know what your thinking.. its still 39 days away from Christmas! But is this not one of the most amazing things about SL? We can start the celebrations early. Well after I was finished up decorating I went to go take a nap but was awoken by some strange noises coming from the other room. I went out into the living room and wouldn't you know it? There were some new packages under the tree I had not put down, and no one was in sight.  I quickly picked one up and shook it to try to hear what was inside. Welp.. I guess I will have to wait till Christmas to find out *sighs* 


Build Used: DaD DESIGN "Chelsea Victorian Loft" ~ Available @ The November  LTD Event. This build is composed by a large entrance, double living room, bedroom, bathroom/wardrobe, and a large balcony - perfect for stunning views.

Spotlight Item:
<Heart Homes> Merry Christmas Tree ~ This tree comes with Decor options, Props and tones of poses. A perfect addition to add to your home for the holidays. The tree is also experienced enabled which is the latest and greatest released by SL *only on Linden Labs and Firestorm Viewer* - More info on that *here* Heart Homes has released three different versions of this tree to suit everyone's needs - PG, Adult, and Family. 

8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Horsey Toy
8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Throw Rug
:CP: Sledging Shelf
Cute Poison - Hanging Lights Silver ~ Available @ Wayward Market
+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Please?
-RC- Holiday Cheater - Blue ~ Available @ Wayward Market
-RC- Holiday Cheater - Red 2 ~ Available @ Wayward Market
-RC- Holiday Cheater - White Flakes ~ Available @ Wayward Market
{RW} Heritage Rocker Sewing Basket w/Blanket ~ Available @ Wayward Market
{RW} Heritage Rocking Chair ~ Available @ Wayward Market
Trompe Loeil - Let It Snow Decorative Sled
Trompe Loeil- Snowflake Pillow Bunch with animations

Fashion Credits:

Coquette - Red SweaterSkirt ~ Available @ Wayward Market
EF: Iyara Pendant - Carnival ~ Available @ Wayward Market
fri. - Rosie.Boots (Buck)

Prop: -RC- Holiday Cheater - White Flakes - These holiday packages come with animations built in which will allow you to shake and inspect the Christmas gift to try to find out whats inside. Perfect for the mischievous person who just cant wait until Christmas.   ~ Available @ Wayward Market

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